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Recent Film Projects February 18

I finally made the move down to Bristol at the start of November. People had been telling me to do this for years as it is a brilliant city and also happens to be where the majority of natural history media work is based. As I continue to spread across to film alongside my photography work the move became more and more logical, ultimately trumped by spending time in Bristol and really enjoying it. I told myself that I moved down here for me first and foremost, having previously been living in the countryside, somewhat living between assignments. The perks of potential work being in the same city is obviously a bonus too! 

On the back of Flight of The Swans, where I really developed my filming skills and fascination, partly thanks to the diverse, brilliant team involved. I have now worked for the past few months with a production company called Five Films, run by the wonderful Verity White. I've learnt so much working with Verity and enjoyed all of our assignments together, from exploring the depths of Drax power plant in Yorkshire, to filming natural history in the Cotswolds. It has been a fascinating mix. 

The main project we have worked on together was a trio of two minute videos for the National Trust to promote Sherborne Park, home to this year's BBC Winter Watch. From staking out a red kite roost to filming school kids running through a woodland, it was a brilliant project to be a part of, helped by being set in a beautiful location. Have a look at the below videos and let me know what you think. 

Somerset Local Foods Direct

Passion Project

I was first introduced to Somerset Local Foods Direct by Verity as an opportunity to make a fun personal project. Once I had met Roger and Philip, seeing firsthand their passion and novel initiative I was keen to help where I could. We decided to make a short trailer to try and summarise the initiative. It was a really fun project, to work with people incredibly passionate about what they do, with the bonus of exploring Somerset, a county unfamiliar to me beforehand. 

Check out their website here

It has been a fascinating few months for me, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully some other projects I have been working on can be shared in due course. I'm excited by the possibilities of using film and photography to share fascinating stories in different ways. Hopefully both media types will continue to grow for me. I hope you all have a great 2018, continue to aim high and persist with your passions.

 Until next time, thanks for checking in!

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