Mt. Kinabalu at Sunrise

A Great honour!

A few months ago I was asked by my former university, the University of Sheffield, whether I would be willing to be part of a new series of recent graduate videos to show what former students are up to now, of course I jumped at the chance!

Though this wasn't my first time being filmed, it is still quite peculiar for someone who spends so much of his time behind the camera. Thankfully Ed Cartledge from Sort Of Films.. and Jordan Carroll were great throughout our evening out in the Peak District on a gorgeous summer's evening. 

Filming Day

Two videos were made, the interview linked above and another showing some of my highlights since my time at Sheffield, this can be found here


I am humbled by this experience and have way too many people that I owe some serious thanks for getting me to where I am today to mention now... So here's one HUGE THANK YOU to one and all who have got me this far and to you, the reader, for taking an interest in what I've been up to recently. Lets hope there are plenty more highlights to come!

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