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I have always wanted to try my hand at filming but for a variety of factors up until now it hasn't been possible. For those of you that haven't seen any of my previous work, I have recently finished a six month research placement in this rural community in south eastern Costa Rica. I was conducting some research on scarlet macaws with the Wild Macaw Association. 

Being based in one location for such a long period of time allowed me to generate a few photo stories as well as work on a short film about the area. Now I know the Fujifilm X-Series at this point in time isn't widely known for good video but I didn't want to use that as an excuse for not trying to make something. Combined with just iMovie, I simply wanted to see if I could put together a short film that helped to express my feelings towards this amazing place as well as highlighting some of the beautiful people I met along the way. 

It certainly was more of a learning curve than I thought it was coming from a stills background to filming. My naive approach helped keep the whole project relatively lighthearted, but it has also grabbed my interest and I am keen to develop my filming skills.

In due course I will put together a 101 for starting filming from a photographers perspective and some behind the scenes stuff from Costa Rica. Well, before I go off waffling, I think I'll leave it there.

Let me know what you think of the film!

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