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Spring time update 2017

2017 got off to a flying start with various trips around the UK finishing off some filming with WWT and the Flight of The Swans project. Quickly though it was time to look to up and coming projects and get my work 'out there'! Fortunately I was asked for a number of features in various magazines, some of which were featured in my previous blog which can be found here. One of the highlights came after that blog, a double page spread in the Royal Photographic Society's Journal Magazine talking about developing photo essays, promoting the series of workshops I am running with the society and Amersham Studios

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RPS Workshop

The last workshop I ran was on the 16th March and was great fun with yet another fantastic group of photographers. As ever, Amersham manager and host Simon Ellingworth was an absolute star making sure everyone was enjoying themselves, as well as being our minibus driver to our mystery afternoon location! 

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I find the workshops incredibly rewarding and humbling to have a diverse group of people from all walks of life come to me for advice on how to develop personal projects and story telling. If you are interested in learning more about my workshops then please visit the dedicated Talks/Tutoring page here.

I truly believe that photography is one of the very few truly international forms of communication, regardless of language barriers, engaging but more importantly communicating to viewers the world over. The classic example of this is National Geographic Magazine, a legendary publication filled with engaging writing, but more famously known for its spectacular photography and photographers. 

What better group to help me convey the power of photography than with National Geographic...

The Photography Show

Cool, calm and collected ahead of my Photography Show talks...

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As you can see, I was clearly ready for my talks at the Photography Show, which consisted of three talks on the Fujifilm stand focusing on using the X-T2 (I promise there is a real world review of the camera around the corner!) as the modern multimedia tool. The first talk I did though was in the Behind The Lens Theatre on Expedition Photography. This was all quite alien to me, being mic'd up like Britney Spears with a headset microphone and even having people come up and ask me various questions afterwards! 

Below is a picture by David Portass, who was part of the audience for my busiest Fujifilm stand talk, which even had people sitting on the ground!

Had people sitting on the floor for one of my talks! ©iEventMedia

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My favourite part of the Photography Show is chatting to fascinating people across the four days, from other Fujifilm X-Photographers who I haven't met before like the brilliant Bert Stephani, to those attending the show who are already using Fujifilm and those that are looking to switch. 

Thank you to Saywell HQ for this candid shot of me on the Fujifilm stand. 

Working on the Fujifilm Stand ©SaywellHQ

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Guest lecturing at the University of Sheffield

I am a proud alumnus of the University of Sheffield, so when Millie Mockford got in touch with me about an exciting module they have been running around filmmaking and using media to communicate science, I was thrilled to get involved! The Animal & Plant Sciences department is broadening its teaching for undergraduates as increasingly job opportunities want personnel with varied experiences and skillsets to help communication. In my opinion, after the research itself, communication is the second most important aspect of science and with the constant development of social media, I believe that this will only grow in importance and prominence. 

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It was fantastic to listen to and work alongside Matt Pitts-Tucker - a fellow Sheffield Alumnus, a brilliant teacher for the students looking to learn about filmmaking. The week long course is now finished and the students are putting together their films, I can't wait to see them!

I can't believe we are already well into April, 2017 is flying by and proving to be a fascinating year as talks, workshops and my core work continues to develop. Heres to the rest of the year, I wish you all a happy and prosperous rest of 2017! 

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