Commercial Work - Ben Cherry
Meroe Pyramids
Snow capped Black Cullins

Commercial Work

Though environmental photojournalism is my primary focus. I have experience in a variety of genres. Previous clients include: Atomos, Aston Martin Racing, CGI, Cinderella Hair, G Technology, Hair, Ekko Salon, Fujifilm, Inmarsat, La Biosthetique, LA Trend, Mitsubishi, Paramo Clothing, Prodrive, RED Cinema Cameras, Trinity College Oxford University, Untravelled Paths, Wildfowl Wetlands Trust. I have also covered numerous events and joyous weddings. Please find some examples in the gallery below.

To get in touch regarding any commission based work please email me at:

Case Studies

Below are some example galleries I have done for a variety of companies, from industrial photography for CGI, a automotive design agency, to working with The Wildfowl Wetlands Trust (WWT) on various projects. It is fair to say that the below examples are extremely diverse, the reason why I chose this set is because it hopefully shows to adaptability to each client and situation. 


My mindset towards commissioned photography is that I am hired to offer a service which is adaptable, efficient and above all, enjoyable. Whatever the subject, I want to help make the clients commission go as smoothly as possible, whether that is letting a wedding naturally flow, capturing candid shots, or through clear communication on a photo shoot, getting exactly what you the client is after.

Other services

As well as photography I have extensive experience with film and social media (examples to follow soon). 

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