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It was my last night on the Isle of Skye, having spent almost three weeks on the beautiful island mostly working on a video for Fujifilm showing their amazing XF100-400mm being used in the great outdoors. Having spent most of the evening packing, a neighbour popped around for a chat and after some consumption of local produce, Talisker whisky it was suddenly 10.30pm and I received a text telling me to check the night sky as the northern lights are potentially on show...

Sure enough I headed out of the cottage and there, behind the Black Cullins was this distant light. Mimicking the last rays of light from a sunset, but at that time of night it simply wasn't possible, once more it was coming from a northern direction. I grabbed my camera placed it on my Peli case and took a long exposure, only to see the colours pop out of the LCD upon review. 

I ran down to the car where as I had already packed my tripod ready for my 6am drive home. Grabbed that, a few layers and headed out to explore this nighttime wonder. 

Unfortunately there was so much cloud cover that I felt I could have lost my view within a matter of minutes. To stem disappointment I decided to set up a time-lapse and if it cleared up I would head down to the shore to try and get more creative. Alas it never cleared, but made for quite an interesting time-lapse and fun but VERY cold hour watching nature in all its glory! The greatest irony of this experience was that two years ago I had gone to Iceland specifically to see the northern lights and didn't see a thing - here I stumble outside after a tip off and witness it on my doorstep. Though not the wonder you see when closer to the arctic circle, it was a magical experience. One that I hope you can experience one day if you haven't already.

Below is the brief time-lapse that came from my midnight exploration.

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